FCL staff have accumulated extensive expertise in the design and fabrication of pressurised equipment through many years of hands-on experience. This knowledge is available to those new to the industry and to those who want to expand their skill base through training courses designed to ensure that participants gain a practical understanding of the subjects covered. 

Course material has been prepared to avoid industry dependence and therefore to remain as widely applicable as possible. This approach has proved successful but courses aligned to a particular company’s requirements can also be provided on request.

Standard training courses are offered in the use of PD5500, ASME Section VIII Division 1 and BS EN 13445, but bespoke courses aligned to a particular company’s requirements can also be provided on request..  

Courses are normally attended by between 6 to 16 delegates and are held at the clients’ own offices. Alternatively, if this is impractical, FCL are able to arrange use of nearby conferencing facilities.

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if you would like to receive further details describing the standard course content or if you would like us to provide you with a quotation.

All courses offered are designed to help the individual find their way around each of the codes and are supported by worked examples prepared by hand and/or FINGLOW pressure vessel design software. The objective is to give engineers an insight into the code rules such that they can confidently prepare independent calculations by hand and/or using the software.