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FCL have established a successful track record in the provision of engineering consultancy services to the UK Nuclear industry dating back to the late 1980’s and early 1990’s when the emphasis was on safely extending the life of the ageing Magnox power stations at sites such as Bradwell, Dungeness and Hinkley Point. 

This pedigree in the Nuclear industry was achieved by undertaking numerous structural integrity assessments and seismic hazard studies on new and existing equipment installed at the AGR power plants and the THORP fuel reprocessing facility. 

This pedigree represents a rare commodity which could potentially be put to good use as we look forward to the resurgence of the UK Nuclear power generation industry.

Case studies covering just three of the numerous projects undertaken by FCL in the Nuclear industry can be viewed by clicking on the provided links.

A summary of all the projects undertaken by FCL in the Nuclear industry is available by clicking here.     



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