Oil & Gas Case Studies

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Waiver of Hydrotest

It is frequently the case that changes in operating duty and/or the identification of ...
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Flange Design by Traditional & FE Methods

FCL have, for many years now, provided engineering support services to a major supplier of ...
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Molecular Sieve Tower Design

FCL’s depth of expertise in the pressurised equipment industry enables us to offer our clients far ...
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Rerating of Process Plant

Occasionally process plant operators need to modify the operating parameters of the plant in their charge. ...
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Deviations from Design Shape

FCL’s expertise in the design and assessment of pressurised equipment enables us to offer our clients ...
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Produced Water Separator Structural Integrity Assessment

All major national and European standards covering the design and construction of pressure vessels permit the ...
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Flare Stack Structural Integrity Assessment

  When undertaking the design or assessment of a piece of equipment, it is essential to accurately ...
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API Flange Capabilities Under Combinations Of Load

API 6A (ISO 10423) 6BX flanges are used extensively in high pressure sub-sea oil and gas ...
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Piping Analysis Of Methanol Skid Atop FPSO

During the extraction of oil and gas, particularly from offshore sources, methanol is used for dehydration ...
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