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Case Study Library

A full list of case studies are available via these pages. Just click on the links to explore, read more and/or download a PDF.


FCCU Regenerator Vessel Refit

Aided by a long standing relationship with one of the world’s leading oil refinery cyclone manufacturers, ...
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Life Extension

FCL regularly carry out structural integrity assessment of existing plant with the aim of demonstrating fitness-for-purpose ...
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Structural Integrity Assessment of a Fire Damaged Process Column

Structural integrity assessment of existing plant is often required following the discovery of excessive corrosion or ...
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Modal Analysis of Gasoline Booster Pump

During any engineering project unforeseen difficulties can arise which seriously threaten commercial and/or engineering success. In the ...
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Design Substantiation of Thermal Sleeves

FCL's thermal analysis capabilities allow complex transient or steady state temperature distributions to be evaluated by ...
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Waiver of Hydrotest

It is frequently the case that changes in operating duty and/or the identification of shortcomings in ...
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Flange Design by Traditional & FE Methods

FCL have, for many years now, provided engineering support services to a major supplier of subsea ...
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Molecular Sieve Tower Design

FCL’s depth of expertise in the pressurised equipment industry enables us to offer our clients far ...
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Finned UF6 Reactor Vessel Design

The wide range of expertise and experience offered by FCL’s engineers frequently enables us to offer ...
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Kiln Hopper Design

An example of the benefits offered by FCL’s combination of experience in the application of traditional ...
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